Sunday, July 29, 2007

Singapore - Frankfurt

Singapore - Frankfurt 13 hours 20 minutes, transit 2 hours 30 minutes. I transitted in Singapore and met Jon there.

Food in Silver Kris Lounge at Changi Airport.

Cheese, salad and sandwiches.

We were sitting in the first row on the main deck. The TV is mounted on the wall, so it was quite far from the seat... then again, loads of leg space!

View from window.

Our welcome drinks. Screwdriver - a mixed of vodka and orange juice and Singapore Sling - dry gin, DOM Benedictine, cherry brandy, Angostura bitters, Grenadine, lime and pineapple juice. As I lowered my seat, I accidently knocked over my drink and it spilled onto Jon's seat hehe. Oppsssy..

Supper Menu
Left: Entree-Marinated scallops with orzo pasta, salmon roes, roasted vegetables and baby lettuce. Choice of creamy Singapore dressing or lemon vinaigrette.
Middle: My Main - Roasted chicken with Chinese wine and soya sauce, French bean and dry shrimp in XO sauce, fried rice.
Right: Jon's Main - Fettucine pasta wth saeed beef fillet and mushroom in black pepper sauce.

Before Touch-Down Menu
Top Left: Some fruit and croissant.
Top Right: Raspberry and blueberry Bichermuesli.
Bottom Left: Grilled gourmet pork sausage with warm salad of potatoes, mushrooms, tomato and peas.
Bottom Right: Omelette with cheese, chicken sausage, tomato and pan fried roesti potatoes.

Still 1 hour to go before we arrive at Frankfurt

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sydney - Singapore

How should I begin writing about my 32 hours flight to New York...

The Sydney to Singapore leg was 8 hours 15minutes, transit time of around 2 hours at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Journey started with a round of pre-lunch served at the business lounge. So exciting~

On the plane, I had Cloud Nine for welcome drink. A tropical mix of rum, Cointreau and pineapple juice, topped with soda.

Stewardess took my lunch order and I selected the "King Fish" menu. Watched a pretty funnie movie "Blade of Glory" on the movie-on-demand.. fell asleep. Stewardess woke me up to serve lunch. Entree was served. It was Marinated Salmon with feta, tomato & cucumber sald and choice of balsamic or bush tomato dressing. Having just gotten awake, still feeling a little "blur", I thought "Didn't I choose King Fish?" hmm.. but soon I realised it only the entree.

This is the main for lunch. Spiced King Fish, light soya broth, tomato chili jam, bok choy and oyster mushroom. It was nice but I couldn't finish it. I have never been able to finish a full meal on an airplane. Hence Jon always gets double shares =o)

For dessert, it was Burned fid and honeycomb ice cream. I didn't take photo as it just look like normal ice cream. But the taste was great.

Dinner on plane was Thai stle red curry duck, seasonal vegetables and steamed rice.

Sushi Rio

New Sushi Bar at the corner of Liverpool and Sussex st. The ordering was cool. There were printed menu, just write down type and quantity of food to order and pass it on to waitstaffs.

Agedashi Tofu with omelette and oyster mushroom. I love this menu.

Seafood Miso Udon. Udon with prawn, scallop, tofu, mushroom and fish balls. I have tried many Japanese Hot pot and the best hotpot still Makoto and Masuya.

Salmon Nigiri.

Tamago sushi.

Inari sushi. There was seaweed topping. I never liked seaweed because it had strange taste. But the seaweed here was so nice and there wasn't any flavoured taste.

2 crazy girls with so many desserts. =o) We were so full because of the dessert. Strawberry daifuku is nice, same as Makoto. But the shape was ugly hehe. Daifuku is Japanese rice cake. Strawberry daifuku has strawberry and red bean paste inside.

Chestnust and Red Bean Daifuku. This used mashed red bean instead of red bean paste. While eating this, Karn asked me whether the strawberry daifuku used red bean paste or mashed red bean. *Hmmm* I really had no idea. I just ate it and didn't notice what kind of red bean was that. But at the end I was pretty sure that it used red bean paste.

Baked cheese cake. Not really a fan of it.

Coffee pudding. It was so bitter but top layer was sweet vanilla so kinda cover the bitterness of the pudding.

Sushi Rio
Corner of Liverpool and Sussex st.

Last Day in Sydney

My last day in Sydney was kinda "happening". After the outing on the previous night, Karn stayed over a my place. We chit chatted till 2 am in the morning. As a result, she couldn't wake up in the morning and called in sick haha. When I left the house to attend the Australian Citizenship ceremony, she was still sleeping.

My citizenship ceremony was scheduled at 11am. I reached there 1/2 hour earlier for registration. There were about 100 people and queue was long.

To my surprise, the ceremony only took 15 minutes. First, welcome speech, followed by te reading of the pledge. There are 2 kinds of pledge: one is with the word "Under God" included and the other one without that word. After that everyone sang Australia National Anthem together. I felt kinda sad, an empty feeling inside, living my last moments as an Indonesian.

I took cab home and I had plenty of time to go lunch with Karn at Sushi Rio. After lunch, back home to take my luggages and went to airport.

Earlier this year, when I came back Sydney after my wedding, I felt a little bored of Sydney. This time knowing that I will be leaving Sydney for a couple of years, I felt really sad, but knowing that I am now an Australian and knowing that Jon and I will be back to Sydney eventually after his New York assignment... makes it all worthwhile..

Cuteness Overload

After dinner at Chinta Ria, we dropped by at Passion FLower to have some drink.

Rio mentioned about the "Grabber" arcade machines. All the toys are sooo cuteee.If onlyI knew this place earlier.

Chinta Ria Temple of Love

Farewell dinner with Chillie, Karn, Tracy, Paula,Rio, and Calvin. Too bad that Gigi couldn't make it. After a long discussion with Chillie, we finally decided to go Chinta Ria. A restaurant that drips with ambience, from the Chinese tapestry to the giant smiling Buddha.

Utensils provided were hawker style :- Plastic bowls and chopsticks. We all sat on stool at a long table, it was not exactly great seating for 7 people.

When the food arrived, everyone took out their cameras and started snapping at the food. As we were sitting outside in open air, it was dark and we had to use flash lights for all the pictures, pretty blinding for the eyes.

Sing Mai Fun aka Singapore Mee Hoon $16.50. Rice vermicelli wok-fried with barbecued chicken,egg and bean shoots.Lightly spiced. It was awesome.

Assam Fish $24.80. Rockling fillets simmered in a delicious spicy tangy tamarind flavoured sauce with tomatoes, string beans and pineapple pieces. It was nice but if it was a bit too sour for my personal liking, else it would be perfect.

Sambal Prawns $26.80. Fresh prawns in a light chilli paste with onion and tomato. Sambal is supposed to be a very spicy paste, but it was not as spicy as I thought it would be.

Beef Ria $22. Diced beef fillets wok-tossed in a delicious combination of spices, fresh ginger root, garlic and dry red chilli, finished with crisp carrot slices and snow peas.

The highlights is the Satchmo Squid. It is on the special menu. The squid is in a crunchy batter, perfectly fried until soft and served in a delicious sauce.

Sago pudding was nice but nothing special.

Great location, great atmosphere, food is good but not fantastic or outstanding, not very authentic.

Chinta Ria The Temple of Love
The Roof Terrace, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park
Level 2, 201 Sussex St, Sydney
Tel +61 (02) 9264 3211

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Peak

My entire 8 years in Sydney. I had been staying at The Peak. Firstly, stayed in level 30 for 3.5 years, 1 year in level 32 then 3.5 years in level 15. Everytime I met friends in Sydney, they would ask f I still stayed at The Peak.

Organic Strawberry

Someone told me that Organic Strawberry tastes very good. It cost twice as much as normal strawberry. But I seriously can't tell the different. They were as big and sweet as normal ones.

Kobe Jones

Farewell dinner with Jocelyn and Wai Yew at Kobe Jones. We sat outside but it was very warm. We even moved to another table because the heater was right above our table and it was burning hot.

My 650ml Sapporo, which is equal to 2 glasses.

One of Kobe Jones signature dishes. Number OneSpecial. $7 each (Order by the piece minimum of 2). Crab Salad with avocado wrapped in snapper and baked with Kobe Jones sauce. It wasn't real crab but crabstick. Everyone loved this dish.

Volcano Roll (8 pieces) $19. Oven baked scallops layered on top of our California roll with sesame seeds and shallot sprinkle. I love the scallops. But I think they put too much sauce.

Prawn and Vegetable Tempura $14.50. It was light crisp.

Seared Tuna Steak $29.50. au poivre with seafood risotto. This is a strange dish. But I love the Tuna. I thought the pink part of the tuna would still raw, but hey, it was cook. The risotto was perfectly cooked.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs $27.50. marinated in Sake and served with chilli jam. I love the sauce. The ribs were barbequed perfectly.

We were too full to order any dessert. This is their famous dessert. AMA OZEN (A selection of Kobe Jones' finest Desserts) $26. It came with Kobe Jones' famous chocolate chopsticks.

Kobe Jones
29 Lime Street
King Street Wharf, Sydney
NSW 2000, Australia
Tel: +61 (02) 9299 5290