Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He cooked!

I love to cook but it's been tiring to cook after work. Sometimes I feel annoyed because everytime Jon is home, dinner is ready, whether I buy or I cook. He doesn't have to worry about dinner. I also want to not worry about dinner and be served.

I asked him to be in charge of dinner tonight, I don't care if he wanted to buy back or prepare dinner himself. But buying food for me is the biggest challenge for him since I am a fussy eater. I don't eat beef, I don't eat pork/chicken cooked in certain style, no onions, no pizza, no sandwich, no junk food, no street food (vendors selling food on portable stall/food truck, mostly middle Easten style food). Whereas he generally eats everything and anything.

He decided to cook spagetti for dinner. Haha. It was his second time cooking since we got married (1.5 years). The first time he cooked for me was last month when I taught him how to cook nice, al dante Instant Mie Goreng.

It wasn't that bad eventhough the presentation was weird. If only he could cook everyday...

I believe he will lose weight if he cooks more. Reason being that the cook gets to smell and sees his/her own cooking all the way whereas the non-cooking people get to smell the fragance hence bringing out more appetite and anticipates a good meal.