Friday, August 24, 2007


These cupcakes are so pretty and cute.

Until I saw Su Yin's cupcakes, omg, they are so adorable, cute and creative. Click here and here to see her creative cupcakes. The are the pretiest cupcakes I have ever seen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sapporo Restaurant

We miss Ramen so much that we searched for reviews on good ramen around Times Square. We headed there for dinner. Considering that the restaurant is located in Times Square, the price is cheap.

Shoyu Ramen. Topped with sweet corn, fish cake, roast pork and beansprouts. I don't like this kind of soup. I prefer thick pork base soup.

Sapporo Ramen. Miso based soup topped with sweetcorn, butter, beansprouts, finely chopped pork, fish cake and garlic. The soup was a little sweet. I would have preferred Sapporo Ramen because of thicker soup if it wasn't sweet.

Ramen Kan in Sydney still remain my favorite ramen.

Sapporo Restaurant
152 W 49th St,
New York, NY 10019
Tel: +1 (212) 869-8972

Big Wong King

First time in NY Chinatown. Being new in town, not knowing which restaurant to dine. We simply chose one that looks decent enough.

Instead of a pot of tea, we had 2 glasses of hot tea.

Rice with Roast Duck and Roast Pork Combination $4.5. In Sydney and Singapore, Roast pork is a piece of pork belly roasted until the skin is crispy crackling. It is called siew yuk (in cantonese) or sio bak (in hokkien). This is the second time that I ordered Roast Pork in NY and it came what we called Barbecued Pork (Char Siew) instead.

"Char Siew" literally means "roasted on a fork," the traditional cooking method for the dish. Anyway, Char Siew = Roast Pork here.

Roast duck and wontons with noodles $5.5

This Bean Chili is the best ever ~

Big Wong King Restaurant
67 Mott street
New York, NY 10013
Tel: +1 (212) 964 0540/1452

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cosmic Diner

Our first proper breakfast in New York

Three Eggs Deluxe comes with bacon and sausage $9.65

Lumberjack pancakes & 2 eggs with choice of bacon/ham/sausage $8.85

Cosmic Diner
888 8th Avenue (Corner of 52nd Street)
New York, NY 10019
Phone: +1 212 333 5888

Friday, August 10, 2007

New York

coming up soon!

Frankfurt - New York

Stopped 2 hours in Frankfurt. There were 3 shower rooms available but had to book. When my name being called, it was 15 minutes to boarding. So I let Jon go instead.

Business class to NY wasn't full at lower deck, it was only 7 people, not sure about upper deck.

Here are the breakfast menu. Fresh start: fruit salad croissant and coffe.

My main: Poached eggs with pork sausage, sauteed mushroom, tomato and roasted potatoes.

Jon's Main: Wok fried chicken with ginger, mushroom and sesame oil served with selected vegetables and fried noodles.

Light Meal Menu
Entree: Tuna carpaccio with mixed fine lettuces wih choice of balsamic or green goddess dressing. Because I don't eat raw, Jon had 2 served of tuna carpaccio.

Main: Pan fried salmon fillet with creamy masala spice sauce, steamed potatoes and asparagus.

Dessert: Iced petit fours wih berry coulis.

After 7 hours flight, we finally reached New York.