Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jon's 30th Birthday

Jon's big 30 was 2 weeks ago. I wanted to order designer cupcakes but I couldn't find pretty designer cupcakes in NY. So I just got mocha cake from Korean town.

We went to celebrate his birthday at Bar Americain, one of Bobby's Flay's restaurants (America Iron Chef). Initially we wanted to go Babbo, one of Iron Chef Mario Batali restaurants. However, the place was always full and reservation is one month in advance.

Despite of the crisis, Bar Americain was crowded. The food was good but not fantastic. Pizza with bacon and roasted garlic was awesome. Jon loved his steak. I didn't like my rack of pork, I expected pork ribs. We had soufflé for dessert, we were notified it would take 10 minutes. However we had to wait longer as the soufflé collapsed, lol. It was expensive an dinner but it was a good experience.

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